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  • The effect of various elements on the properties of stainless steel and the organization and function
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    There are more than 100 known chemical element, in that is commonly used in industrial steel material can meet about twenty kinds of chemical elements. For people in a long struggle with the corrosion phenomenon formed by the practice of the special steel stainless steel series, the most commonly used element has a dozen, in addition to the basic elements in iron steel, with the largest elements affect on the performance of the stainless steel is: carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, silicon and molybdenum, titanium, niobium, titanium, manganese, nitrogen, copper, cobalt, etc. These elements other than carbon, silicon, nitrogen, are chemical elements in the periodic table is located in the transition of the element.

    Stainless steel in industrial application are actually exist several to dozens of elements, when several elements coexist in the stainless steel a continuum


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