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  • Rivet types and USES
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    Rivet is in riveting, deformation or use their connection is riveting pieces of parts can be made. Rivet is a lot of more phyletic, and informal. Commonly used has a round head, flat head, countersunk rivet, loose core rivet, rivet, these are usually use their deformation connection is riveting pieces. With cold riveting (generally less than 8 mm, greater than with hot riveting.) But there are exceptions, such as tricyclic locked plate, is the use of the rivet and lock body hole quantity riveting. Another for rivet, is special. Is divided into two parts, the coarser a rod body with cap hole in the center, with a finer another hooded rod body is the interference fit. Riveting, the thin rod into CuGan can.

    The purpose of the rivet:

    Round head rivet is mainly used for the large lateral load


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