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  • About us

    Zhongshan speeding Li Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is composed of a capacitancevibration electromechanical and overspeed Li Machinery Company, after 10 years of development,the company has a group of high-quality R & D team and management team. Focus on mechanical field, using the Taiwan core technology, in 2010 the formal launch of a new generation of high speed and high rigidity and high configuration "three high" CNC CSL series CNC lathe. Zhongshan as afamous brand of NC, in recent years to be invited to participate in various professional machinery exhibition in the province, products are exported to all over the domestic and Southeast Asia, stable quality and timely and thoughtful customer service service to win the majority of customers!

    Zhongshan speeding Li Machinery Co., the company has accumulated rich experience in production,sales, ensuring product stability and reliability; the company adhering to the "technology is the driving force, management is the foundation, quality is the life, the customer is God" business purpose; to create the CNC CNC famous brand; sophisticated machinery, reasonable price, perfect service,integrity of the business so that we become good partners with many customers, in the future development, speeding Li Machinery will be as in the past the pursuit of excellence, NC machine toolby virtue of its technological advantages to provide customers with modern, high quality. I Secretary to seek high quality machine tools allow customers to pay the minimum cost as the objective, the lowest price for competitiveness, make thousands of customers benefit.

    The main products of the company:

    CNC CNC turning and milling composite machine tool, lathe CK-6125P, CK-6136, CK-6136P, CK-6146

    Machining center series: CNC-650, CNC-850, CNC-1060, CNC-1270, CNC-1370, CNC-1580, CNC-1680

    Engraving and milling machine series: CSL-450, CSL-650, CSL-700, CSL-800, CSL-1200

    Line cutting machine series (wire containing:DK7716, DK7720, DK7725), DK7732, DK7740, DK7750,DK7763, DK7780,

    DK77120, DK77150 CSL-350, CSL-500

    High speed punch series: D-703H, D703M

    Series spark machine: CSL-2535, CSL-8340, CSL-3040, CSL- 8345, CSL-3545, CSL-5060

    Milling machine series: CSL-3S, CSL-4S, CSL-5S

    The company since its inception, adhering to the principle of sincere, attentive, patience, carefulresponsible to cooperate with you.

    Tel: 0760-22115533


    Contact us

    Zhongshan speeding Li Machinery Co. Ltd.

    Address: Guangdong Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City Xiaolan Road No. 91

    Contact person: Mr. Fang

    Hand machine: 13802699824

    Tel: 0760-22115533

    Fax: 0760-22115535

    Mail box: chaosuli@163.com

    Network access: www.ignaziocutro.com